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Wednesday, 12 March 2008 18:00


This is some information about the RSM officers, Gerald and Barbara Krosnowski. We started our first lay missionary group in Detroit, Michigan at St. Gerard’s parish. It was called St. Gerard’s Mission Club which was an outreach program geared toward downtown Detroit’s homeless people. Since moving to Minnesota with our children in 1971, we have worked with several domestic and foreign mission organizations around the world working on a multitude of mission problems. My wife and I have directly or indirectly worked with domestic and foreign missions since 1968. We also founded the Sonshine Foundation 501-C-3 in 2001 which financially supports RSM. We began Risen Savior Missions as a nonprofit, interfaith, lay missionary group to help the starving children of the Philippines. We want to eliminate the terrible suffering and consequences of malnutrition and its disease related deaths. By the grace of God, our goal for 2008 is to save 10,000 children.

RSM is trying to help the children of the Philippines in many ways:

  1. Looking at the country’s overall malnutrition.
  2. Not targeting just individual villages or cities.
  3. Focusing on establishing working relationships between government, civic, and religious organizations that have a long-term outlook on helping the poor.

We formed Risen Savior Missions because we found the donations from other charities were not serving the needs of the people. These charities were siphoning off monetary donations through graft, excessive administrative expenses, etc. Also, there were undelivered containers and projects that did not address the needs of the people first. Our organization, Risen Savior Missions, does feed the starving in the Philippines. Our work has expanded to 100 rotating feeding sites and includes a five-fold mission of food, medical, educational, potable water and spiritual needs.

Our food distribution process is a partnership that includes:

  • Feed My Starving Children (FMSC)—a Non Government Organization or NGO.
  • Individual Catholic dioceses—nine of them.
  • Host programs.
  • Villages in the Philippines.
  • Civic organizations such as the Kiwanis, Rotary, etc.
  • Caritas Filipinas.
  • Knights of Columbus.
  • St. Paul’s Drop-In Center of Manila.
  • Individual parishes, villages, orphanages and families.

We also work with three shipping companies: World Class Shipping, American River Logistics and Forex Cargo. We distribute the food through container distribution and Balikbayan Box distribution.

Risen Savior Mission’s current plan is effective because all of the governmental paperwork processes are coordinated by Caritas Filipinas right there in the Philippines. This group works through the Director of Religious Affairs for the Philippines. They work with the Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD), the Department of Finance to waive the VAT taxes and the Bureau of Customs. Bishops are also involved in controlling the process for many of the feeding site locations. They have first-hand knowledge of situations through their Social Action director. This director gets reports form pastoral councils, parish priests, the Philippine DSWD governmental agency and Caritas Filipinas.

The impact of Feed My Starving Children food and the Risen Savior Missions feeding programs is that 1,250 children’s lives are saved each year. Each large container of food contains 270,800 children’s meals. This food at the feeding sites is the backbone of the holistic recovery program. It reverses malnutrition. It has allowed a little boy the ability to walk and has aided in fewer children going blind because of malnutrition. It restores hope and changes a village’s negative outlook to a positive one for a brighter future. Each meal from FMSC and RSM is one more day in school for a child. Each meal from FMSC and RSM is one less day of begging for a child. Each package of food is one less day of suffering for a family of six. Each child, age two to seven, gains approximately three to five kilos when fed only one cup of food three times a week for three months. There is less personal trauma to the sisters, priests, deacons and ministers because of the food we give. As they work in their churches, there are fewer unhealthy children traumatized by disease and fewer dying in their arms because of malnutrition. Hell’s culture of death for children is no longer acceptable because lives are being revitalized by food and by the living spirit of God’s holy word.

RSM and FMSC food is warmly received in the Philippines. It fits the cultural Filipino rice-based diet. Local civic groups donate pork, beef, chicken or fish which is mixed into the rice casserole making it a porridge stew for the children. To give the meals variety over the four month feeding program, different tastes are added to a vegetable mixture of malungay, carrots, cabbage and mongo beans. Sometimes chocolate powder and coconut milk are also added to the vegetable mixture.

RSM and FMSC food stimulates new in-country relationships and spreads the Gospel. Kiwanis clubs in Manila are partnering with local church groups to facilitate 18 different feeding sites in and around Manila. Local church sponsored groups are teaching pro-life family planning (Buhay party). Separate prayer groups such as El Shaddai Prayer Partners and Couples for Christ are teaching Bible stories and conducting uplifting spiritual worship. Even though the food recipients are poor, they are being gifted with a new dignity about their life in poverty with God. A dental university in Cavite is helping children with their dental needs. Medical teams from the Philippine Minnesota Medical Association (PMMA) are bringing their skills to the Philippines and healing many through free surgeries and medicine.

RSM and FMSC food stimulates holistic programs. There are free classes on why they should wear shoes to prevent parasites and tape worms. De-worming children before the feeding program begins has saved lives. There are classes on good parenting, sanitation, proper hygiene and basic signs and symptoms of illnesses. Classes are offered for Christian social teachings and values formation. There are livelihood /income generating activities such as raising livestock and sustainable agriculture. Identification of herbal plants is taught as well as how they are processed to make simple home medical remedies. All of this teaching is being incorporated into the feeding program. The food from RSM, FMSC and their donors is the basis for the change in the thousands of lives of malnourished children and their families.

I hope this information gives you a greater insight into the feeding program that RSM is fostering and developing. Together with your donations, we will better the lives of the poor, innocent, malnourished children of the Philippines.

Your brother and sister in Christ,

Jerry & Barbara



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