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Wednesday, 11 March 2009 20:46


Holistic Feeding Program

The Archdiocese of Palo lead by Archbishop Jose Palma, D.D. and the Provincial Capitol lead by Gov. Carlos Jericho Petilla have joined hands and demonstrated their commitment to spread love and sharing to the less fortunate and marginalized, to help alleviate poverty and to improve the quality of life of the people of Leyte in many varied ways.

Through the untiring effort of Gerald Krosnowski of the Risen Savior Missions and the " Feed My Starving Children" Foundation, both the archdiocese and the province of Leyte have embarked on a nutrition rehabilitation program. This program focuses on the 2nd and 3rd degree malnourished children in several barangays of the different municipalities of the province of Leyte. The program includes children between one and six years old because this is the time of life when the different organs of the body-especially the brain-develop. This is also the group that is very vulnerable to diseases, especially when malnourished and underweight.

The following are the activities undertaken in the area:

  • Courtesy call is made to the parish priest and the mayor of the municipality.
  • Orientation is given to the barangay officials, barangay health workers, barangay nutrition scholar, municipal social worker, municipal nutrition action officer and the mothers of the malnourished children. Goals, objectives and rationale of the program are discussed.
  • The barangay nutrition scholar, together with the barangay health workers, are tapped to implement the program. The municipal nutrition action officer supervises the actual feeding program.
  • Lectures on Christian values, good governance and nutrition are conducted.
  • A power point presentation on moringa oleifera (malungay) and its food nutrients and uses is shown to the mothers. This instructs them to look at malungay as a local substitute for the donated fortified food packs so the children will not revert back to their malnourished stage. Food preparation and production is emphasized. The officials are encouraged to make an ordinance or resolution promoting the use and cultivation of moringa even if it is only grown in the citizens’ backyards. This is to ensure sustainability of the program and so we will not always be dependent on foreign donations.
  • Mothers are organized and a cooking schedule is made. Mothers will take turns cooking the food and they will bring firewood as their donation to the process. The barangay nutrition scholar and barangay health workers assist and supervise the cooking of the food and the feeding of the malnourished children.
  • Feeding the children is done every day from Monday to Friday or Monday to Saturday depending on the agreement of the mothers.
  • Weighing is done to establish the baseline weight. Reweighing is done monthly till the desired weight is achieved.
  • De-worming is also done prior to feeding.
  • A data record of the children is maintained. Attendance is also checked regularly.


About 100 mothers of malnourished children from five (5) barangays were called for an assembly in the church as the formal start of the program. Aside from the mothers, the following were present:

  • Fr. Edwin Perito--parish priest who is also the social action director of the Archdiocese
  • Sister Eloisa, OSB--SBFISA president, provincial nutritionist “Risen Savior Missions” and “Feed My Starving Children” coordinator
  • Mayor Adolfo Eboy--mayor of Mayorga
  • Municipal councilors
  • Barangay captains of the five (5) barangays
  • Municipal nutrition action officer
  • Municipal social worker
  • Barangay health workers (bhw) and barangay nutrition scholars (bns) of the five (5) barangays
  • An opening prayer was given by Fr. Edwin Perito, parish priest and social action director. A short talk on Christian values was given.
  • Sister Eloisa, OSB, introduced the program and gave an orientation to all the mothers and public officials present. A power point presentation of moringa oleifera (malungay) was shown.
  • The mayor gave a talk on the importance of the program and encouraged mothers to be concerned about the nutrition of their children.
  • Then there was a period of question and answer for some clarifications.
  • After the question and answer period, the mothers were grouped according to the barangays from which they came.
  • Each group had the barangay nutrition and barangay health workers as their leaders to discuss the cooking schedule for the mothers.


While the barangay nutrition scholars and barangay health workers were busy organizing  the mothers and giving them assignments:

  • The mayor and the other officials, Fr. Edwin and Sr. Eloisa, OSB discussed the plans to start a livelihood project in the barangays involved in the feeding program.
  • Sr. Eloisa, OSB, who was also representing the provincial government, offered a livelihood project which is called PASS on the GIFT.
  • To pilot the project in a barangay, 20 families living in houses adjacent to each other will be chosen as the beneficiaries.
  • Each family will be given two female goats that are ready to mate and 20 chickens (two roosters and 18 laying hens). Thirty percent of the eggs that are layed everyday can be served as food on the table and the rest can be hatched.
  • The department of agriculture had agreed to provide the male goats that will be used for mating to improve the breed.
  • Sharing is 1 to1. Half will remain with the family while the other half will be passed on as gift to another set of 20 families.


***SOCIAL PREPARATION and CHRISTIAN VALUES FORMATION will be the mandatory pre-requisite of the program. The people responsible for this will be the social worker and the parish priest.***



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