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Thursday, 29 November 2007 18:00
Subject: Amazing Grace, 2 year old Rosalie Aquino
Feeding program with Risen Savior Missions in Manila, Philippines.

Dear Food Mission Friends

I just want you to know about this important letter and picture we just received. We have had 7 different rotateing successful ongoing feeding programs with Kiwanis and the Catholic Church throughout the Mamila area this year for Malnourished children. Please read and look at this email once with your head and then read again once more with your heart.


Last September 1, 2007 we ended our 3 month feeding program in sitio sto. nino which we did 3x a week. We fed 50 children and we are very happy to report the success of the program. Out of the 50 kids, 47 of them all gained weight from a minimum of 4 lbs. to a maximum of 9 lbs. There were only 3 kids who did not gain weight as we found out on the 2nd month that they still had worms in their bodies. There was one girl in particular by the name of Rosalie Aquino, whose picture we are sending you, who was only 1 year and 10 month old when she joined the feeding program. We did not deworm her at the beginning of the program as her doctor thought she was a hydrocephalus child. ( Hydrocephalus ; a build up of excess bodily fluids through out parts of the body causing painful swelling of the head and a oversized head ). She was always present at our feeding program, but dispite this she was lossing weight. After 2 months of feeding we decided to have her dewormed and to our surprise 15 tapeworms about 6 inches long came out of her small body, some even came out of mouth. After this, she became a more lively kid and was eating more and just after one month she gained 3 lbs. We would also like to inform you that we sent her to a doctor and found out that she was not a hydrocephalus child but was just suffering from being malnourished.

We are so happy to let Risen Savior Missions know that your rice-casserole donation from Feed My Starving Children has truly helped us a lot in our feeding program, as it really makes our feeding possible and I can say that because of your donation's, I am a witness to the miracle of the multiplication of the rice every time we do our feeding. We normally cook only 3 packs to 4 packs of rice per feeding which will feed normally only 20-24 children and most of the time we are able to feed more than 50 to even up to a 100 kids sometimes.

We now have moved on to the next developing community of Kabulusan 3. We started our first feeding in that are last September 8 and we will end here on December 8, 2007. We have 50 kids enrolled and started by deworming them before the start of the feeding program.

We would also like to share with you another beautiful transformation of the mothers of the children who joined our feeding program in Sitio Sto. Nino ( Village of the Holy Infant ). Normally before feeding, we start with a prayer and reading of the gospel for that day and a short reflection on the word of God. By doing this, most of the mothers who would come regularly with their children during the feeding are now actively participating in our weekly BEC (Basic Ecclesial Community) to reflect on readings in the bible. They now appreciate the beauty of life despite their being poor and have more dignity !

We would like to thank Feed My Starving Children and Risen Savior Missions for your continued support as this food donation has truly helped us in reaching out to so many malnourished children in our country. May the Good Lord continue to bless all of those involved for helping to save the lives of our children in the Philippines. THANK YOU !

Mr. Wilfredo "Boy" Valencia PDG
President Kiwanis Club
Manila, Philippines

This result is directly from the Balikbayan boxes we have packing and shipping with 1296 childrens meals in each box from the eagan site of Feed My Starving Children here in Minnesota. Please share this email with anyone that might be interested in this kind of missionary news.
Amazing Grace !
Your brother in Christ


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