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Sunday, 30 December 2007 18:00
Risen Savior Missions December Mission Newsletter

Dear Mission Friends:

Thank you for all your prayer support and donations during these past 12 months. I do not think Barbara and I could have accomplished much at all without your encouragement and support. Together we are starting to make a big difference in the lives of thousands of malnourished children and elderly. The lay missionaries, priests, sisters and bishops at work in the Philippines have been so grateful for what we have accomplished together. What you have given them is priceless hope for the future and the knowledge that their brothers and sister in Christ in America have hearts that really care about them. That Gospel speaks loud and clear to them.


I wish I could give you some of my personal experiences I have had with the poverty-stricken children and families of the Philippines. But, in some cases, it was much too painful to witness the suffering and be able to emotionally bear it as I traveled through so many impoverished villages. When I returned home this year, my dear wife, Barbara, had to watch me go through the post lay-missionary trauma, sorrow and depression. This lasted for about two months. I was eager to leave the experience of all those starving Philippine children behind me and return home to my darling wife. I just wanted to run away from what I saw because my heart was broken so badly. Yet, I really did not want to leave the Philippines. You feel God’s presence all around you when you are with these poor, endearing and hungry children. I also did not want to leave because I felt I was abandoning God by walking away and leaving Him behind. What an awful feeling that was! But, I knew my lay missionary work was back in America trying to make others aware of how much suffering these innocent children endure.

During a missionary journey through the Philippines, I saw the shocking reality of thousands of malnourished children trying to live and survive in swamps, garbage dumps and primitive villages. At one point during my travels, I found myself having an unexpected dinner with a priest and a bishop from one of the 7,100 Philippine islands. While I was at dinner, I realized I did not want to be in the Philippines any more. My heart was hurting so badly from what I had seen and experienced the past 12 days. I just wanted to run away from all the causes and effects of poverty. The bishop was a man who reminded me of what I imagined one of the original apostles would be like. Near the end of our two-hour dinner, the bishop said to me, “We all have been praying for several years that God would send someone to come and help us.” You could have picked me up off of the floor! I truly had no idea that I would be having dinner with them that night. I thought, “I don’t even want to be in the Philippines right now and I almost didn’t come to this island and city because of my grieving heart and travel fatigue.” I think I laughed out loud after the bishop’s statement. I now realized that God, in His wonderful and mysterious way, had brought me to that island and that particular table to have dinner with these two men that night. All I had wanted to do was run away! After this experience, no one can tell me that God does not have a great sense of humor!


After several visits with this priest and bishop, we became good friends. They opened up their hearts to me in discussion. Privately, I asked them both this question: “Don’t these daily traumas with these malnourished children affect you?” They both seemed to function remarkably well with all of these horrible tragedies going on all of the time. I observed this with another Philippine bishop and priest. I asked them the same question. All four of them became misty-eyed as they began to reflect on what is happening to the children in their dioceses. One of the priests shared with me an experience he had in a primitive village. This village was on a mountain top about two hours away from any major city. He visited a sick little girl whose ill-health was a direct result of poverty. He decided to try and take her in his 4-wheel drive vehicle down the mountainside to get her emergency medical help. He held this innocent child in his arms while trying to comfort the mother and daughter as they raced to get her to a hospital. One hour en route the little girl died in his arms.

Another priest shared a story that took place shortly after he was ordained. A family had asked him to preside over the funeral of their little boy who had died of malnutrition. When he arrived in the small village, he began to walk the last two blocks up to the village cemetery for the service. He heard a big commotion in a building to his right. He went over to see what was happening. There he found a little girl struggling to stay alive. He held her in his arms while some of the adults ran for help. Fifteen minutes later, before help could arrive, the little girl died in his arms. I asked him how he could preside over the little boy’s funeral after what had just happened. With tears in his eyes he said, “Jerry, I could not go. You see, the boy whose funeral I was to preside over was the brother of the little girl who had just died in my arms.” Extreme poverty and malnutrition with all of its accompanying diseases cause multiple deaths in families many times.

In a very poor Philippine diocese, I discovered that 70 seminarians were allotted only $20.00 US a day for food for all of them! This amount of money breaks down to nine pennies per meal for three meals a day for every man. Obviously, that amount is not nearly enough to feed them all. They were all very thin. Many of them had to go begging for their own food to get enough nourishment to survive so they could finish their training for the priesthood.

This email is a cry for help from me to you on behalf of the hungry seminarians and malnourished, innocent children of the Philippines. Please make a donation if you can and help me save more of these beautiful children and feed the seminarians. Make checks payable to Risen Savior Missions. For all donated money received, 100 percent will be used to pay for shipments of food to the Philippines. I have a commitment and donation of two million vitamin-packed children’s meals for the Philippines in 2008. This food, which is valued at over one million dollars, is coming from a non-governmental organization (NGO) called Feed My Starving Children. The food is shipped in 8’x8’x40’ steel containers. I need to raise the money necessary to ship these containers from Minnesota to Manila. Each container costs about $3500 to ship. By the grace of God, I am trying to ship at least eight containers of food in 2008 at a cost of $28,000. Each container holds about 270,000 children’s meals. For every $100 donation, we can ship about 8,000 children’s meals. For each container of food, we can save the lives of 1200 to 1500 children a year!

If you are not able to help financially, please pray for the children, priests and seminarians and for the success of this food mission work. Children have already received packages of this food during the fall of 2007. As the children have said with a big smile and beautiful brown eyes, “Christmas came early this year!”

Thank you!

Your brother and sister in Christ,
Jerry and Barbara.

Risen Savior Missions
Gerald and Barbara Krosnowski Chairman
812 Springhill drive
Burnsville MN. 55306 USA

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