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Saturday, 06 October 2007 18:00


 A copy of a email letter from Sr. Rosanne from the National Office of Caritas Filipinas ( CRS or Catholic Relief Services in Manila ) in the Philippines.

Dear Jerry, I just came from an out-of-town trip to the Archdiocese of Palo on the Island of leyte. There I was able to visit with some of our BECs (basic ecclesial communities) at the village level.  It was heartening to see how they struggle to arrest poverty and try to live decent human lives.  But in the city of Palo (the urban center) there is so much that could be done for the urban poor.  As in most cases in the provinces, people with no land and no means of livelihood in the villages flock to the city or town center to look for some odd jobs or beg while living in the slums.

Our Social Action Director of that Archdiocese, Father Gani Petilos and I had a long discussion on how these urban poor people could be helped.  Then he introduced me to one of the Benedictine Sisters working in their hospital with whom the good Father initiated a feeding program for street children who sniff rugby to ease their hunger and are now full pledged addicts.  These are children (boys and girls) aged 8-14; the older ones come for the feeding twice a week but do their own thing during the week. Father Gani asked whether I could make a request for the archdiocesan feeding program from you through us.  That would be one more archdioceses added to your growing list of requests.

My question  to her;  Dear Sr. Rosanne,   What is rugby?

RUGBY CHILDREN: INHALANT ABUSE IN THE PHILIPPINES, In terms of addiction, inhalants are ordinary household products such as household cleaners, cooking sprays, fabric protectors, paint thinner and most of all, adhesives and solvents.  These leftover substances can be found in garbage dumps.

Inhalants cause nausea, blurred vision, memory lapses and motor loss. These effects may be a minor discomfort to the user right after inhalation but the permanent damage inhalants bring are irreversible. Damage to the vital organs of the body such as the liver, kidneys, the brain and the heart could prove to be fatal.

In a third- world country like the Philippines, substance abuse is rampant. The impoverished population is the most common victim of addiction to dangerous and illegal substances. Why?  Once they are “high” they forget the painful hunger they have been battling for days.

My question  to her;  Dear Sr. Rosanne, How many children in Fr. Gani's Diocese need food that have a rugby problem?

Fr. Gani’s initial list of children that he has in the feeding program number 364 to date.  About half of these come regularly 3 times a week, others come at least once or twice.  This is only one Diocese of 85 Dioceses suffering from this problem because of lack of food!

In the city of Manila there are approximately 50 to 70 thousand homeless and parentless street children trying to survive anyway they can.  This is the largest concentration of poor malnourished street children in any major city in the world.


Jerry, how exactly do you think we can meet our need to meet the hunger situation here as well as the vast problem of malnutrition or undernourishment?  Would you have any suggestions?


All for now, Jerry. I hope we could get to new ways of being of more service to our hungry people. Give my greetings to all our generous friends from out there in the USA.

All the best and God bless!      Sr. Rosanne

Please help me to save some of these poor innocent children.  For every $50.00 Risen Savior Missions raises we can pay for the shipment of 1,000 donated childrens meals to the Philippines.  And help to feed three malnourished street children for a whole year.


Your brother and sister in Christ,   Jerry & Barbara




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