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Monday, 15 December 2008 22:41


December 2008 Newsletter

Dear Missionary Friends,



As I reflect back over the past two and a half years, I think of when we first started this feeding program for the malnourished children of the Philippines. We were working in one village, on one island. Since then, we have overcome so many major obstacles--all by the grace of God. We have now reversed malnutrition in thousands of little children on several islands and in 200 villages and churches at different rotating feeding sites. So far, we have delivered and distributed over four million children's meals into the Philippines. These meals were donated from the (NGO) Feed My Starving Children. Over 30,000

 hungry and innocent children have been blessed by this vitamin packed rice casserole this year. We witnessed entire villages of healthy children with smiling plump cheeks and full of energy because of the food we sent them this year! Because of prayers and our financial donors, through the amazing grace of our Risen Savior, Jesus, every child in many of these villages is now healthy, happy, playing and going to school. They no longer have to spend their time working or begging for food to survive! My wife and I were overwhelmed by how much good GOD had accomplished through this food donated by Feed My Starving Children and shipped with Risen Savior Missions’ funds. We were also overwhelmed with how well the feeding programs were going in so many villages. Missionary friends, it was unbelievable seeing His amazing grace in action as He blessed and multiplied the food as well as the effective results of these current feeding programs!

When we first started shipping food to the Philippines, I never thought about the severe depth and far reaching ripple effects it would have for the Philippine children who were hungry, starving and suffering from malnutrition. I never thought of all the medical complications that come from this lack of food: early blindness, retardation, stunted growth, inability to concentrate or learn, and vital organs that do not develop properly. It causes unwarranted lifelong suffering and death, compromised and malfunctioning auto-immune systems, cleft pallet and many more quite curable, disease related illnesses and deaths. All of this caused by malnourishment and lack of food that many times just a few American dollars could fix. Nor did I realize there were so many thousands upon thousands of innocent, little and helpless children suffering because of this. Even now, there are currently one to three million of these innocent children being greatly traumatized by lack of food in the Philippines! I keep saying to myself, who will help? Who will help God save His innocent earthly children, who truly are our little brothers and sisters in the heavenly kingdom of God right here on earth? Again, you DID with your donations and prayers!

One of Risen Savior Missions ongoing obstacles is the mountain of required paperwork! I never knew or dreamt it would be so difficult to ship free food to its intended destination to help suffering and dying children. It is because there are so many levels of paperwork for the Philippine government food distribution system. For example, one of the typical paperwork problems is with the (DSWD) Department Of Social Welfare and Development in the Philippines. It is their current policy to hold all shipments of children's food that would be going to new locations on islands that have starving children. There are over 7,000 different Philippine islands. The DSWD will hold the food until all other islands have distributed and liquidated food supplies that RSM has shipped to them in the past. The required detailed paperwork must also be completed. This idea was originally intended to help eliminate corruption. It is fine in theory, but not practical because it does not take into account other new locations that are in immediate need and require immediate action to feed their starving children. Of course, if the food does not arrive in time to the new location in need of the food, many children will perish from malnutrition and lack of food. This is only because many pages of paperwork are not yet completed or forwarded on and signed by the DSWD. However, the RSM missionary team is working to get that DSWD government rule changed through the current president of the Philippines, Gloria Arroyo. (If you would like a copy of the letter that was sent to her, please send me an email to request one).

Here is an excerpt from a recent email letter I sent to the director of the DSWD and the director of religious affairs for the Philippines regarding this matter! I asked them again about who will help the little, loving children in the Philippines. Who will get angry enough? Who will let their anger against this abuse of lack of food for God's Filipino children turn into rage? Who will allow that rage to turn into the WILL POWER from the Holy Spirit to take enough action to do something about this matter?”

Is this situation happening because the people that could do something about this have forgotten what it is like to be hungry at times? Have they forgotten what it is like going several days a week without eating? Have these same adult people grown used to the poverty crowding around their homes and living beside them every day? Has it become such a way of life in every Philippine city to see children suffer that we now look the other way? Has the culture of death gripped the Philippines for so long that its government people can no longer see what is happening? Can they not feel the Evil One’s death grip on the poor innocent children, families and society? Do these well-fed leaders have blindfolds and wear ear plugs so they cannot see or hear the cries of mothers whose children have died because of lack of food? Must another mother give her baby away at birth because she cannot feed the baby? What of the teenagers (rugbys) who sniff adhesives from empty cans in garbage dumps? They do this to try and kill the hunger pains because they have not eaten for several days. Malnutrition is not the only thing causing damage to their brains!

Who will care that many parents of large families in your country have committed suicide or are contemplating it? Who will care that parents abandon their families because they have not been able to feed their children on a daily basis for years? They are tired of constantly having to scavenge for food to feed their hungry families. Eventually they give up hope. Their despair and poverty are so deep. It is 10 levels below what we know and understand in America. Who will be concerned about the priests, sisters and ministers who must attend the funerals for children and infants who did not have to die? Who could have helped and saved these children by just giving them some food or a dollar’s worth of medicine? That is all it would have taken for these darling little children to survive.”

I wonder if we could dare ask God one question as we pray: Why are you allowing this to happen to these poor innocent Philippine children? I sense his answer might be, I haven't. I have given my people in this world everything they need to fix this problem. My Christian adults on earth are allowing this to happen to My little children."


Someone must take a stand with glorious Jesus, our good Father, and the wonderful Holy Spirit. Someone must volunteer to be God’s earthly hands to help these innocent children through prayer and financial giving. These children need a helping hand. Remember what Jesus said, “What so-ever you do to the least of My children, you do unto Me.” Please do not forget about them during this holiday season. In keeping with the joy of Christmas, here are a few pictures of some healthy Filipino children. With your financial donations to pay for shipping costs, these children received the life-saving and nourishing food they needed in time to help them. On behalf of these children, I thank you!

God is so humble and good that, out of love for us, He comes once again to each one of us during this season. He comes into our world as a vulnerable infant waiting to be held, cherished, adored and loved!

With Admiration, Love and Respect--Merry Christmas!

Your brother and sister in Christ, Jerry and Barbara




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