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Thursday, 02 April 2009 00:00

April 2009 Newsletter

Dear RSM missionary friends and Feed My Starving Children staff,

Let us look back 18 months ago. It is good to see where we have been and where we are today to measure what we have accomplished together. This is why I have chosen to tell a particular story about the two pictures I have attached to this newsletter. This little girl’s name is Rosalie Aquino. These pictures were taken when Rosalie was two years old in 2007. She is now four and living in a “slum dog” Barangay (village) in metro Manila. She lives next to a large, concrete building in a long alley way with her family. Her family is one of many squatter families who live in a small, dirt-floored, and makeshift shanty. There is no electricity or potable drinking water.

Let me take you back in time to refresh your memory about her. We discovered her and 50 other little children in the depth of poverty in this temporary village. This is the overcrowded, shanty village where we decided to start a Risen Savior Missions/Feed My Starving Children holistic feeding program. Eighteen months ago, we started this feeding program in the midst of all of this desperate poverty to help these children. Her story begins in September of 2007. Risen Savior Missions, along with Mr. Boy Valencia (a lay missionary for RSM) and the Kiwanis clubs of the Philippines, completed one of our three month feeding programs in Santo Ninyo in metro Manila. At one site, we fed 50 malnourished children three times a week with one cup of an enriched, vitamin-packed rice casserole. Feed My Starving Children donated this food to reverse the malnutrition in all of these children. Out of the 50 kids, 47 of them gained weight varying from four pounds to nine pounds. There were only three children who did not gain weight. We found out in the second month that these children still had worms in their bodies.

There was one little girl in particular named Rosalie Aquino who was about two years old when she joined our feeding program. We did not de-worm her at the beginning of the program because her doctor thought she was a hydrocephalus child. (Hydrocephalus is a buildup of excess body fluids throughout different parts of the body that causes a painful swelling of the head making it larger than usual). She was always present to eat at our feeding program, but she was still losing weight. After two months of feeding, we decided to have her de-wormed anyway. To our surprise, 15 tapeworms about six inches long came out of her tiny little body. After this ordeal, she became lively and eating more. In one month, she had gained three pounds and started playing. We sent her to a doctor again for a checkup. We found out that she was not a hydrocephalus child at all. She was suffering from malnutrition.

This help was made possible by God’s grace, your prayers and your donations. Through the RSM/FMSC/Kiwanis feeding program, we were able to save little, innocent Rosalie Aquino. In January 2009, I was able to visit that feeding site again and took the above picture of beautiful, healthy Rosalie. I also saw her running around and playing hide-and-go-seek with a little boy. I only wish I could share my joy with you when I took this picture. She was giggling and laughing as she played with a little, poor boy named Raymond.

Dear missionary friends, since we first started in the Philippines, we have been able to ship, distribute and reverse malnutrition in approximately 60,000 starving children just like Rosalie Aquino. Most of these children had worms. In some shanty villages, as many as 80 percent of the children had worms. If left unattended, these tape worms would have eventually killed many of these children. These worms devour 30 percent of the value of everything a starving child eats! Because of the holistic feeding program approach we take, all of these children are de-wormed before we begin at the feeding site.

Thank God you care enough to help! Risen Savior Missions/Feed My Starving Children can only maintain this feeding program through your donations and prayers. These donations give us the finances and ability to de-worm every child (thousands so far) that we enroll at our feeding sites! How many thousands of children are still alive and healthy today because you loved and cared enough to donate and help them? Currently, during this Easter season, RSM has 103 feeding sites and we are feeding approximately 10,000 children weekly in the Philippines. On behalf of these Philippine children you have helped save from pain, needless suffering and death, I thank you!

Have a blessed Lenten season and a wonderful Easter celebration!

Your brother and sister in Christ,

Jerry and Barbara






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