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Thursday, 07 February 2008 18:00
Subject: Joshua and Family received gifts from RSM and food from FMSC

Fr. Edwin Laude shown in these pictures in a yellow T-shirt is the diocese director for social action and justice for the diocese of San Carlos under the guidance of Bishop Joseph Advincula in the Philippines. And the one writing and sending this email below to me.

TIME AND THINGS do not really last.. What matters are the people we care about and the values we dare to live and share! Let life be beautiful as your heart! TO ALL OF YOU BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE!

I am attaching the picture of Joshua--the oldest of the siblings of five. He is only 13 years old but he looks 18 by his features because of hard work. He drives a manual "tricycle" (as shown in the picture)

( a poor man’s taxi) in order to feed his mother who has a small child and the entire family. His father, also a tricycle driver is gone. Leaving Joshua the oldest son the great responsibility of watching over and being the bread winner for this unfortunate and poverty-stricken family of six.

On November 10, we started to feed Joshua and his malnourished younger brothers with food from Feed My Starving Children. They have gained weight ever since then. We started to support the family by allowing Joshua to work at the SOCIAL ACTION OFFICE and pay him daily so that he can buy food. One time, he was not able to report to my office. He told us later that he has to look for money to buy a wrapper for the gift of his younger brother intended for the exchange of gifts in school. That broke my heart. On Dec 24, we gave Joshua and his family Christmas gifts (food, toys, and clothing) from Risen Savior Missions, and food from Feed My Starving Children, NGO.

Just like every young 13 year old kid, Joshua yearns for a better life--food on the table and education for him and his brothers. Shattered Dreams for Joshua, because he will be in his thirties before he can get his youngest sibling through high school before he can even go back and finish high school himself.

Quote from Jerry Krosnowski “Personally I have seen Fr. Edwin work many 15 hour days for the 1,000,000 poor people within his diocese. He only earns $100 US Dollars a month working as a priest in this capacity. Many times he gives partially or all this monthly income away to the suffering poor families of his diocese. I truly think personally he is working on sainthood because he is fearless when approaching the Philippine government about its corrupt policy’s towards the poor under privileged people he ministers to as a priest.” Please pray for him as he is always in great danger for these out spoken verbal and written confrontations with corrupt government officials and the harm they are doing to the poverty stricken people of this diocese.


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Home Feeding Sites Joshua and Family received gifts from RSM and food from FMSC
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