Together we save starving children


Good food helps starving children regain their health.

Faith Formation

Once healthy, children can learn about Jesus.


We teach children and their families everything they need to improve their lives.

Livelihood Skills

Families learn new sustainable skills that help them permanently.

103,000,000 people live in the Phillipines
30,000,000 children living at poverty level or below
7.5 million malnourished or starving children

Every dollar donated is a chance for a better tomorrow

Your donation can have a lasting impact. By providing food for starving children, you give them the precious gift of life. Your gift can take them from desperation and suffering to hope and dreaming about the future.

100% of your donation goes toward helping and saving starving children.

Feed a
child for
1 year
with just
After one year on RSM's feeding program, Kimberly regained her health.

You can be the Key

There are many ways that you can change a poor child’s life for the better.

How You Can Help

The Entire Island Recovered from Starvation in Five Years!

Marinduque, an island in the Philippines that is about the land mass size of Chicago, suffered from 25% of its population being malnourished. Today RSM’s holistic program has given the people new life.

Marinel Story

A gift of $10 can feed and save a child for a year. Please consider donating to our great cause today.

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